12 Ipswich Road, Newbourne Woodbridge IP12 4NS

Crystal Garden Nursery is a small family run nursery which has been established for over 20 years. We grow a wide range of bedding plants and plants for hanging baskets for Spring / Summer and also for Autumn / Winter. You can find many examples of descriptive essay help online at https://123helpme.org/articles/descriptive-essay/.

We are open from early April until late June and again from early September to late October, Mon – Sat 9.30 – 5.30pm, Sun 10 – 5pm.

Our range of spring/summer plants, suitable for planting in baskets or tubs, includes the following:-

Ivy Leaf Trailing Geranium - Tomcat, Wico, Amethyst, St. Malo, Mexicana , Bernado, White, Evka, Red Sybil, Mexica Tom

Surfinia Trailing Petunia- Blue, Double Purple, Giant Purple, Hot Pink, Pink Vein, Purple Vein, Sky Blue, White,

Million Bells Petunia - masses of small flowers - Blue, Cherry, Soft Pink, Lemon or Terracotta

Begonia - Non-stop upright and Illumination trailing in various colours, Marguerites, Geranium Maverick F1 Hybrids, Large Zonal Geraniums, Osteospermum, Fuchsias, Sweet Peas.

Antirrhinum White, Purple or Salmon/Orange
Bacopa Snowflake,
Begonia Fuchsoides Pink,
Bidens Aurea,
Artemesia Oriental Limelight,
Brachycome Blue or Pink
Centradenia Cascade
Creeping Jenny
Diascia Coral Belle
Diascia Lilac Belle
Diascia Elegans
Diascia Salmon Supreme
Diascia Twinkle
Felicia Blue or Variegated
Nemesia Blue Lagoon
Nemesia Blushing Bride
Nolana Bluebird
Scaevola Aemula Shamrock
Sedum Linare
Verbena Temari Coral Pink, Scarlet or Violet
Verbena-Blue, Red, Sissinghurst Pink, White

We plant many shapes and sizes of hanging baskets – prices start from £11.25 for a 12" basket complete with slow release fertilizer, water absorbing granules and a good selection of assorted plants, i.e. fuchsias, geraniums, various trailing plants, verbena, petunias, lobelia etc. If you prefer we can fill your existing baskets.

We also grow a selection of tomato, cucumber, pepper, aubergine, courgette and runner bean plants and a small range of herbs and perennials.

We grow a wide range of tray bedding including begonias, gazanias, geraniums, impatiens, lobelia, petunias and many more. All varieties (except geraniums) are £3.00 per tray containing between 12 and 40 plants depending on variety.

If you would like a copy of our detailed price list please telephone us on 01473 736 651 leaving your name and address and we will send one to you.