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Letters from visitors to these web pages

We are delighted to receive email from visitors to Newbourne Online.  We would be pleased to publish comments or information about our village, but only with permission.

Comment from John and Pauline Cooper : 5 March 2002

Very informative, this is one of our favourite areas of Suffolk. The SWT and volunteers do a fantastic job of managing the Springs Nature Reserve. When we are in the reserve we are in a different world, the peace and quiet is only punctuated by the 'drilling' of the woodpecker or the sound of the chiff-chaff, thank you for sharing this site with the rest of the world, you have something unique here and you must be the envy of other counties in not having this beauty.


Email from Ivan Ranson, Victoria, BC, Canada : 16 January 2002

Really enjoyed walking around Newbourne again through the magic of your site. Now if you can talk Kirton & Trimley into doing the same thing..........

Got so excited about the menu at the Fox I EMailed it to 3 friends & suggested we meet there. Just have to raise the airfare. I did send an Ipswich couple your way last Summer & they wrote back saying how much they enjoyed the meal at the Fox & the village.
We last visited in 1999 & enjoyed walking through the village & the churchyard. We were looking for the Newbourne giants.
I see you still have a FROST on your council. I knew the Mr Frost who lived just across from the Fox. What a character. He had a daughter Margaret I was "sparking".
My father had a small building company & undertook major renovations on a residence in the Newbourne street. We lived opposite the Kirton Rd School. I had a school friend named Tony Lock(e?) from Newbourne.
Keep up the good work. I'll visit the site from time to time. Beautiful village. Excellent web site